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torstai 31. heinäkuuta 2014

Interview for Nutridiet

Hyvää torstaita lukijat,

Taustaltani löytyy melkein kaksi vuotta sitten startannut -20kg 6kk projekti, minkä toteutin Nutrilett tuotteilla. Nutrilett tuotteita on alettu myymään myös Yhdistyneissä Arabiemiirikunnissa ja he halusivat julkaista haastatteluni heidän sivuillaan ( ) kannustamaan ylipainon kanssa kamppailevia elämäntapamuutoksessa.

Toivottavasti saadaan kuulla heidän suunnasta vielä monta menestystarinaa! :)

-Ei se tyyli, vaan se lopputulos-

"My weight has gone down and my quality of life has gone up" -Sanni

Sanni Vihriälä lost a huge amount of weight using Nutrilett products; twenty kilos in six months. Now she feels like the woman she always thought she was.

A while back, Sanni Vihriälä, a 31-year-old mother of two, started yet another diet. This time, though, she decided that she would lose the weight for good, as well as completely overhauling her lifestyle.

whole grains After her first pregnancy, Vihriälä, 173 cm, weighed almost 100 kg. Thanks to Nutrilett products, her weight dropped to 69 kg, where it has stayed for over a year.

– I wanted to be a good example for my kids, but I also want to live as long and as well as possible. My life revolves around my kids. This means that in the past, I often found myself eating whatever was at hand, whenever I could. I decided, however, to learn to eat regularly without snacking.

– I started using Nutrilett VLCD products. Nutrilett meals helped me to get the nutrients I need easily and regularly, as well as learning to reduce portion sizes and eat regularly. First I must take care of myself and then I can take care of others to the best of my abilities.

– After beginning the new diet, one of my friends wondered how my cheeks had "vanished" in a week. My weight dropped very quickly. It was wonderful to step on the scales in the morning and see that I had lost weight again or that it had, at least, remained the same. My weight was going down and my quality of life was going up.

– Using VLCD products helped me to see my eating habits in a completely new light. During the first few days, I noticed how evening-based my eating had been and how much of my daytime eating was based on my own cravings and not on hunger. Now all the food I eat, including the treats, is well prepared and my portion sizes are sensible.

whole grains

"Losing weight changed my life" -Sanni

– Even when I was overweight, I felt this size inside. The best thing, however, is being able to do the things I had previously only admired other people doing.

– Before, I always found excuses to eat, without noticing how bad it was to be constantly rewarding myself with food. Everyone can decide to start overhauling their life immediately, all by themselves.

We all have the required self-discipline!
Vihriälä finds it annoying that some people do not have enough patience to use Nutrilett products even for a few days. After a few days, their hunger would go away and they would become more energetic. The first days are hard though.

– Little by little, I became able to predict my hunger according to what time it was and noticed how much better I felt, both mentally and physically. A regular meal schedule helps me control my cravings, as hunger never creeps up on me by surprise.

– Every day, I am happy that my belly no longer gets in my way, my clothes do not feel too tight anymore and my reflection in the mirror looks just the way it should!

Remember to exercise

– I knew I could lose weight just be reducing my eating. With a bad diet, exercise alone cannot achieve weight loss, however. This time, I wanted to do both: lose weight and become more active. Sports increase my mental well-being enough to make it worth the effort.

– After losing weight, I fell in love with running. I have already run one half marathon and plan to run many more, perhaps a full marathon this summer. Now that I am lighter, it is easier for me to move. Before, I couldn't even run the distance of a few street lights.

"My passion is helping others" -Sanni

Sanni Vihriälä has always liked helping people. Due to losing weight, she has learned to become a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. In addition to this, her idea for starting a blog has started to become a reality.

– I wanted to become a professional so that I could also help others succeed. After being so large my entire life, I know that such a state isn’t good for anyone. I wanted to obtain the necessary tools for meeting people, so that I could tell them most important reasons for losing weight.

– If even one person benefits from my efforts, writing has been worthwhile. I want to be the person that does not give up but rather cheers on those who are considering giving up.

Vihriälä also urges dieters to think about what their aims are and why they have those aims. – I wish I had realized that there was no need for me to be overweight when I was twenty! Do you want to be overweight or become thinner? Do you want to be active and live a long life? Nothing is impossible and everyone can succeed. Your life is actually valuable and it is never either too late or too early to start overhauling your life.

– Through Nutrilett products, I have found my true calling and discovered the benefits of sport. This is what I am. I have finally found myself.

Original interview in Nutridiet United Arab Emirates pages

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